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Rules of Discipline

  • Every student should carry his/her hand book daily. The children must bring water bottles from home.
  • The name, standard and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all his/her belongings.
  • Children should always be clean and neatly dressed. They’re to wear the school uniform on all class days and for all school functions.
  • At the first bell all the students must fall in line for the assembly and after the assembly move silently to their class rooms. Running and shouting in the school veranda or premises is forbidden.
  • All the students must be in their seats before the teacher enters the class. Student are not to be seen walking around the verandas during the class hours without permission. As and when changing classes, the student must walk in silence.
  • Student are not allowed to bring mobile, CDs, Pen Drives, I pad to the school, chewing gum, money, transistors, comics, magazines or books other than the text books or library books or any other objects liable to cause disturbance.Such materials will be confiscated.
  • Students should take care of the school property. They should not write or scratch on desks, chairs, walls or doors of the school nor should they damage property belonging to others. Any damage done to the school property must be reported immediately and remedied by the offender. The decision of the Principal in the matter will be final.
  • The school is not responsible for the goods or money lost by the students. They are requested not to wear any ornaments. Money should not be lent or borrowed.
  • The school accepts no responsibility if a student is obliged to return home during class hours because of the failure (i) of wearing proper uniform (ii) of getting parents’ signature whenever necessary or (iv) for attending class in time.
  • During recess no student is to remain in the classroom. They are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours.
  • The school reserves the right to dismiss those students whose progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory or whose guardians show little interest in the progress of their wards or whose conduct is harmful to others. Immorality, any act subversive to discipline, an objectionable activity inside or outside school, dishonest behavior or willful damage to school property etc. are always sufficient reasons for immediate dismissal.
  • Non-Sikh boys should get their hair cut regularly.
  • A student who uses unfair means during test will be given zero in that subject. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal.
  • Remarks make in the diary should be counter-signed by the parents/guardians only.
  • Students and parents may not offer any presents or gifts to the teacher except with the explicit permission of the principal.
  • After the school hours all students are expected to go home. They are not allowed to go to their friends’ houses from the school.
  • No collection for any purpose whatsoever may be taken without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Use of mobile phones in the school is strictly prohibited.
  • All the students must speak in English within the class and school premises. English conversation should be encouraged at home.
  • Every child attending the school is obliged to take part in drills, games, sports, physical exercises and other school activities.
  • The school authorities maintain a record of the address of the parents in the school office and in their own interest they are requested to promptly intimate changes, if any, from time to time.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, late coming, willful disobedience or conduct injurious to the tone and discipline of the school will be seriously dealt with. All pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their behavior inside and outside the school.
  • Every student should endeavour to keep up the high tone of the school by excelling in good manners. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct.
  • Leave of absence is not granted without prior written Application from Parent/Guardian, except in cases of unforeseen circumstances and serious reasons.
  • Any one who is late or has been absent on the previous day will not be admitted to the class without producing a leave application duly signed by the parent/guardian.
  • Repeated absence from the school for more than 10 consecutive days without leave renders the students liable to have his/her name struck off the roll. Re-admission, if granted, will be done on payment of Rs. 300/-
  • All are expected to attend class on the opening day after vacations. Those absent without leave will be fined at the rate of Rs. 10/- per day. Those who are absent because of sickness must present a Medical Certificate before they are admitted to the class.
  • A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a doctor’s certificate permitting him/her to rejoin the class. The prescribed period of quarantine is:


Six days after the disappearance of the first crop of vesicles.


Seven days from rash


Until the swelling of salivary glands has subsided this may be after nine days from the appearance of distinctive symptoms.