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Our Teaching Staff is experienced and well qualified and is selected for their abilities to teach and train our students effectively. Our teachers motivate the students to perform to the best of their abilities.

Our on-going program of professional development ensures that our teachers are up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies and developments in education. Many of our teachers are involved in projects and development work that is at the forefront of e-learning and other contemporary areas of education. The school aims to conduct several programs to empower the teachers so that each and every emerald gets the best education.


The school has introduced the system of ‘smart class’ right from the formative years. This initiative will supplement and complement classroom instruction through application of modern technology. Today we all know that the concept of smart class has drawn the interest of a whole new tech-savvy generation and has a lot of positives to contribute in the heritage of education.


The school provides safe transport for students with a strong communication system, supervised by the trained professionals. The pick-up and dispersal roll call in the bus while picking up and dropping students ensure their presence and safety .The transport policies are well drafted, which shall not entertain any person without the identity card, issued by the school authorities.


For a parent, nothing is more important than the security of their child. Whether it is a school or any other educational institution it is imperative that the best security system is in place to ensure the safety of the students, and give parents the peace of mind with the feeling that their child is not just getting the quality education that he/she seeks for but is doing so in a safe environment. There will be a team of trained security guards to make everyone feel safe and well protected.


Our computer lab is designed with latest computers and software, with a seating for 40 students and hence, enabling every individual to use their own computer.They have hands on feel of the hardware and software of the computer. They learn to work on applications which as a result make children computer friendly and enhance their learning process.

We have observed that children find English very difficult; they face a lot of problems with sentence formation, grammar, reading with right pronunciation. So we have set up a Language lab which helps eliminating the above challenges that children generally face.The software used in the Language lab guides and enables the children to record the passages they read so they can identify the right intonation, voice modulation and pronunciation. It helps them to develop the skill and confidence to read, communicate and write well in English.


A medical room beautifully designed and decorated with vibrant colors to give unwell children a lighter and brighter feel where they can rest till they recover or till they are received by their parents. While the sick child is in the recovery room he/she would be under the supervision of a trained and caring attendant.


We have a big, spacious and equipped Multipurpose Hall with a platform on every level so that students should not face inconvenience while moving from one level to the other. The Multipurpose Hall will be used for stage shows,


Kids are inquisitive by nature. They love playing with the blocks & puzzles and explore the knowledge while doing so. Keeping the same interest in mind, the Activity Studio has been designed to help the pre-scholars to develop their motor skills through activities. Wooden blocks and puzzles will not only help them to learn and recognize various themes like alphabets, numbers, shapes, fruits, vegetables and animals but will also keep them entertained. It sharpens their eye-hand coordination and makes the body flexible and buoyant and sharpens the receptive part of their mind.