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Jigyasa Segment : Primary Classess I to V

At this stage too, the curriculum supports experiential learning, focuses on conceptual clarity by relating learning to everyday life, developing thinking and analytical skills. The curriculum also aims at nurturing the affective domain of the learners through subjects and activities which will help develop the basic life skills in the learner – self-awareness, effective communication skills and emotional strength. The pedagogy at this stage is not absolutely fixed, structured or prescribed but it is multi-dimensional and flexible, which gives the learner ample opportunities to explore and discover.

Our main aim is to strengthen the conceptual understanding to help the students in facing future challenges.

The learning areas include:

  1. Languages (English, Hindi) – Acquire the skills of listening, speaking, reading & writing, acquire varied range of vocabulary, develop interpersonal communication skills and express meaningfully. Third Language is introduced in Class IV. These languages are taught through activities with an aim to initiate the language in a fun way. However, a more structured syllabus is followed in the upper primary stage. Students can opt for one of the languages out of Sanskrit and French.
  2. Mathematics – Performing operation of numbers, understanding shapes, similarities and differences, collecting data, representing and analysing the data, identifying patterns in shapes and numbers etc.
  3. Environmental Science – To make them aware of their surroundings, appreciative of and sensitive of environmental issues (natural, physical, social and cultural)
  4. Information & Communication technology
  5. Visual Arts & Performing Arts
  6. Physical & Health Education
  7. Life skills & Value Education

Children also get opportunities to join various WOW classes as per their interest and aptitude. They participate in intra-class and inter-class competitions, class assemblies, celebrations and social awareness campaigns. Students are assessed through formal tests,examinations and informal classroom tasks.