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It’s said that books are a person’s best friend yet we see that many children are afraid of reading . So we have designed and created our Library in a very attractive way to give every child a more friendly and approachable feel. It has become the place where children would love to go and spend time reading books on various topics and thus, encouraging their learning and reading skills.

Kindergarten: is a child friendly, safe, hygienic, beautifully built learning zone. The School’s environment is purposefully designed with colorful theme based classrooms and an open play area where children experience the ‘Joy of learning’. Kindergarten is a whole new zone gently preparing children for full-time schooling in a happy, stimulating and nurturing environment. We believe in the theory of imparting education with an emphasis on ‘learning through experience’.

Kindergarten is warm and nurturing, spacious and a bright play-school, meticulously designed with soothing color scheme, With the best of furniture, the decoration and equipments to nurture the natural curiosity of the child by providing the perfect environment for each child to explore and grow at their own pace.

Children are encouraged to – listen, talk and draw freely. Singing, dancing and acting help remove inhibitions. Games, puzzles and various teaching aids are used to make children think and interact with peers using socially appropriate manners and language. We consider ourselves very blessed to have very talented, trained, experienced, patient, loving, caring and dedicated teachers who give our children the feel, security and comfort of a home away from home. Though they are teachers yet they treat, train, guide and discipline the children with motherly love.