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Manthan : VI to VIII

The Middle School curriculum builds on the skills acquired by the students in the primary classes through experiential learning and aims at giving students a deeper learning experience by identifying and supporting each student’s potential and recognizing their strengths.

Aligned to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the academic plan of studies covers all disciplines of learning- English and Hindi as the first and second language , Sanskrit and French as third language, social sciences, sciences, mathematics, General Knowledge and Computer Science.

We are focused on the growth of each and every child in our school. That is why students are subdivided into smaller groups based on the academic capabilities.

Our integrated academic programme offers foundation course to prepare for competitive exams like Math,Science, English, Cyber, Commerce, Social Science, Hindi Olympiads, and NTSE etc.

Students with weaker performances in academics are provided with Extra-Remedial Classes beyond school hours by our school teachers which help them to grow more in the subjects they are weak at. Our teaching pedagogy is all about uplifting practical learning, inquisitiveness and thorough conceptual understanding.

Important transition takes place during these impressionistic years where the methodology followed is the extension of the momentum gained in the primary classes. Students learn best when they actively participate in the class .Hence ample opportunities are given to the children to interact with one another through encouraged participation in various intra and inter school activities.